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A significant shift since my last writing is that Jupiter the planet of abundance moved into Cancer the homely star sign. This is a general shift which all water signs will benefit from. Cancer, Pisces as well as Scorpio will benefit but especially Cancer will find this a time of positive abundance. As usual the warning when Jupiter is around is not to overuse the abundance by spending too much money or by over-eating. Jupiter requires some discipline. Fortunately for Scorpio, who has Saturn visiting, there is sufficient discipline and Jupiter might release a bit of the pressure that Scorpio is feeling. With both the sun and Jupiter in Cancer it is an opportune time to focus on the home and one can take the time to clean the home, paint it and/or do general maintenance. The configuration teaches us to make home a place of rest, peace and harmony.  If you have a choice between travelling and staying at home, the latter it is definitely the better option.

In general the world is very fluid at present and change is constant. We have all the big planets Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune in watery signs in a Trine configuration….that is they are complementing each other. It is a time that requires flexibility and movement, going with the flow rather than rigidity and structure. Together they form a time for deep spiritual experiences but the experiences are not something that require long journeys of discovery in strange places. This is a spirituality that is found in the home where family are together. Rather than going into the missionary field to promote a faith it is time to share at home with family and children. Every spiritual tradition has its own stories and this is the time to gather as a family and share those stories. Make a point to eat together, socialize together and play together. The benefits gained by focusing on family experiences at home will be a binding force for a long time to come.

Astrological alignment:

  • Focus on the family and home
  • Home is of higher priority than traveling
  • Make home a place of peace and harmony
  • Find activities for the family to do at home.


  • There is no place like home.
  • Home is where the heart is.

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